Tipster will help you calculate the tip amount for a restaurant bill.
Pay the entire bill yourself, or split the total amount among as many people as you want.
Tipster is small (under 200k in size) and requires very few resources to run.

When you first start Tipster, you are presented with a Eula, you must accept this before you can use the program.
Once the Eula is accepted, you will no longer see it again until a new version is detected.
Tipster's layout is divided into two sections, the information section (at the top) 

and the interactive section (at the bottom).

In the information section the 'Total Tip' and the 'Tip Per Person' are highlighted, since most of the time
this is the information that matters to you.
In the interactive section there are several choices you can make.
The first thing you must do is select the maximum tip percentage you like to give out (In this economy I rarely tip more than 15 percent).  
The rating stars are used to describe how good the service was at the restaurant.  
4 stars would yield a maximum tip, where 2 stars will yield half the tip.
Basically the more stars the higher the tip up to a maximum of Max Tip.

The default when Tipster starts is to have all 4 starts selected.

Rating calculation's are like this:

1 star  = 1/4 of Max Tip <BR>
2 stars = 1/2 of Max Tip <BR>
3 stars = 3/4 of Max Tip <BR>
4 stars = Max Tip (full tip percentage)<BR>

The Max Tip is selected using the pull down selection.

This represents the maximum tip you plan to give on a 4 star rating. <B>Tipster</B> will remember this
percentage every time you start it, until you change it.

Tipster's menu has 3 choices, Help, About, and Eula. Just press your 'menu' button at any time to see these options.

Tipster was created by CCTEC, LLC.