Quake3 Tracker


Quake3 Tracker allows you to keep track of your quake 3 friends and your favorite quake 3 servers. 
This app is currently in BETA testing, I'm releasing it in this state in order to get users to help guide the development direction towards a stable release.
Many new features are in the works for this app. Please let me know if there are any features you would like to see.

App Screenshots

What's New (Changelog)

Version 2014.10.17.01

  1. Removed dead servers from default server list.
  2. Minor bug fixes.

Version 2014.07.04.01

  1. Removed dead servers from the default server list and added a few more.
  2. Added a new page for useful console commands, you can reach it via the menu from the players screen and manage servers screen.
  3. Implemented a new server 'View Server Info' window, you can access by long pressing from the manage servers screen.
  4. Added map icons for atcs, desert, transit, nexus6, cpm3, dm4ish, monolith, tremor, tsu-v-station (Quake3 Tracker now has 70+ map icons)
  5. Fixed some of the screen layouts on Nexus 7 tablets.
  6. Other minor bug fixes.

Version 2012.04.25.01

  1. First public release